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Understanding the Value of Nutrition Through Product Labels

Choosing products based on information on food or beverage packaging labels is one of the main keys to a healthier life. The packaging label will inform the nutritional value or nutritional value, including the number of calories and ingredients in each product. By reading the packaging label, you can make healthier and suitable choices for consumption. Benefits of Reading Labels If read and used correctly, the information on the product label can bring many benefits, namely: Manage the total amount of calorie consumption that enters the body every day Women's average caloric needs every day are 2,000 kcal. While men are 2,500 kcal. Weight will still be ideal if you maintain the amount of calorie consumption so it does not exceed daily needs. On each package label, written the total energy number in units of kcal per serving size. This number can be a benchmark of how many calories you get if you consume one dose of the product in question. For example, the label says th
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Confident Without Foot Odor

Although it is a common problem, foot odor can make you insecure, especially when opening footwear among many people. What actually causes foot odor? How to prevent or overcome it? The foot is a member of the body with the most sweat glands, so it is most risky to sweat and cause odor. The sweat glands basically function to keep the skin moist and regulate body temperature during hot weather or when we exercise. However, sweat glands in the feet are not the same as in other body parts. Sweat glands in the legs continue to work sweat every time even though we are not overheated or exercising. Now, when the sweat meets bacteria, various unpleasant scents appear in the feet. In addition to the special number and condition of sweat glands in the legs, there are still a number of other possibilities that contribute to the emergence of foot odor. Identifying several possible causes can make you able to determine the right choice to deal with it. Causes of foot odor and the people most at

Risks of Taking OTC Drugs

Besides containing risks, over-the-counter medicines may not be suitable for curing your illness. The dangers of over-the-counter or over-the-counter drugs can carry risks and cause some side effects on your health, such as taking too much paracetamol can cause liver damage, cause dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, risk of drug interactions, and risk of overdose. Medicines without a doctor's prescription or over-the-counter medicines can be purchased freely at drug stores. This drug is safe and effective when you follow the instructions on the label and direction of the pharmacist. Generally these drugs are consumed to treat mild symptoms that are considered not needing a consultation with a doctor, such as to reduce pain, pain, itching, toothache, and headaches. Risks of using OTC drugs Some people often use drugs that are sold freely without finding out the cause of the disease by seeing a doctor. Even though taking this type of medicine can endanger health, especially if

Creating a Safe Home for Children

Creating a safe home for the child is the duty of every parent. Not infrequently accidents and diseases experienced by children at home come from various objects in the vicinity. Items in the home such as ornaments, kitchen utensils, window, toys, household items, to products made from chemicals, should be wary. Among those mentioned above, stairs and kitchens are where the most fatal accidents can occur. Preventing Injuries Possible The risk of injury in children may occur due to the rush, too excited while playing, until the mind is not focused. But there are steps that can be done as a step creating a safe home for the child, so as to minimize the risk of accidents. The following are the types of injuries that may occur and anticipation can be done: Fall down Falls are the most common injuries suffered by children in the home. You can set certain things to create a safe home for the child, for example, in the following manner: If the children are very young, it is better

Air Pollution in the Car

Environmental pollution, including pollution in cars, is indeed difficult to avoid. Being in the car, you might feel yourself safe from exhaust fumes and pollution flying outside the car. Is that right? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that indoor pollution is 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution, one of which is pollution that you are not aware of while in the car. In general, we spend two or more hours in the car every day. The results of the study also stated that exposure to dangerous particular and black carbon suffered by private car drivers was also higher than bicycle riders, train users, and buses. The study also mentioned that the level of pollution in the middle of the road could be higher than on the roadside or on the sidewalk. When you are in a car, you tend to breathe pollution from the exhaust fumes of the vehicle in front of you. Especially if your vehicle is in a closed condition and does not have good air flow control settings. The concentrati